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The Long House: Move

In the light of the Projective Cast

[think beautifully » pull away » move » start walking » open lid » take apart]

I began with a constructed analysis illustrating how my mind formulates synergistic association between ephemeral conditions. Basically, metaphysical affinities between 7 memories. This construct ILLUSTRATES seven rooms/galleries linked together in a linear format (figure 5) . The induction of Borromini’s “S” curvature serves as a continuous stabilizing element .

I took a plan/section spatial condition from the 7-memory analysis and studied it from multiple vantage points (figures 6 and 7) and then built and tested that idea THRU A DEVICE that produced 7 orientations.

And the photographs further illustrate the diversity of its reading (theatrical figures 8 thru 22).

At this point the synthesis of the precedent drawings began. This cross-plan extrapolates legible forces from the Borromini analysis template and the 7-memory template to produce a matrix for which the site plan is derived from (figure 23).

The site plan was synthesized with the Lorrenzetti pictorial to reveal the section/elevation perspective . It illustrates the unique juxtaposition between the cityscape and the landscape (a similar condition in the Lorrenzetti) creating a perspectival triptych with the turning point between these two edge conditions at the gatefold.

This interpolation illustrates specific moments of transition within the triptych to create this idiosyncratic visual condition from objects IN A FIELD to occupations of interior space.

[think beautifully » pull away » move » start walking » open lid » take apart]