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Take Apart | Thesis |

The Long House: Take Apart

In the light of the Projective Cast

[think beautifully » pull away » move » start walking » open lid » take apart]

For this is where we are, and from this is where we came from: The land of Devine Kings—where fables reside. Until that day of visual absolution I felt as if I saw my whole life in a world without color.

Then the very gatefold itself opened and THE brilliant living voice was illustrated. YES. The vivid panoramic supra-colored world effaced the walls of my mind and revealed the OVERLEAF. A beginning of a beginning.4 A land so green it is red. The vermilion-green field where Dante sleeps by the shore and dreams of his beloved Paradiso.

And so on this day, in A FIELD of liquid-geared reverence, I listened and heard the song of the Long House. A lovely song.

I listened and heard in a past-and-future suspension of time lovely enough to convince me that the world itself has paused to listen.


Footnote references:
4 Refer to Appendix II “In Lodoli’s Garden” (figures 54 thru 58) illustrating extrapolated work from the Long House as pictorial studies for the book In Lodoli’s Garden: A Manual for the Cultivation of Philosophers, Architects, and Statesmen by Diana Hibbard Bitz of the University of Florida ’s College of Architecture.

[think beautifully » pull away » move » start walking » open lid » take apart]