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Design Festa 2004

Three rooms from the Long House are utilized as templates to generate three sets of four unique yet genetically similar conditions.

The first and third sets are occupied spaces influenced by the Impressionist-era work of Edouard Manet, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Japanese artist Hokuju and 19th-Century illustrators John Tenniel and W.W. Denslow. The Shimmering Room and the Inner Room templates are used as spatial navigators in the exploration of each painting where scale and orientation of the template is synthesized onto and into the space. In this experiment, Richard is revealing another spatial dialogue within each image creating a conductive formula -- or conversation -- illustrating what he believed the original artist implied, thusly, enhancing and complimenting the original work. The composition portrays a suggested architectural envelope implied by spatial and color ques within the paintings.

The second set represents four houses generated from the Florida Room template. Each template is transformed by its relative kinetic orientation and site connection. In this experiment, Richard implies that static space and kinetic occupational behavior become fluid experiences irrespective of spatial subscriptions. His goal is to illustrate that the ability to generate space is inexhaustible.